The Color of Money Risk Analysis assesses your financial picture and provides a roadmap to your overall risk preferences. The output will be a proprietary Color of Money score. This short, interactive analysis is the first step on the road to retirement.



Financial Peace of Mind

The mission of Triad Wealth Management, Inc. is to be an investor coach, helping you achieve true peace of mind with our investment services. We educate, and inspire, those contemplating financial issues using tried and true principles with exceptional quality and security in mind. We never stock pick, market time, or follow last year’s investment guru.

We believe financial markets are efficient, and will teach this concept as the basis of the management of your investment portfolio. As such, we will refrain from recommending any strategies that involve any variation of stock picking, market timing, or reliance on past performance of any investment.

We express the following convictions:

  • In addition to our regular one-on-one meetings, our licensed financial advisor will provide regular education seminars and workshops to help keep you informed regarding topics related to your financial well being.
  • We will care for you and your family’s financial future as we do our own, because we realize that your goals and dreams are every bit as important to you as ours are to us.
  • We vow to take the time necessary to listen and provide the professional guidance needed to help you maintain the course toward the attainment of your goals and the expression of your “True Purpose for Money™” - even and especially, in the most difficult of economic times.
  • In the event that we are not able to adequately advise you due to a lack of expertise in a given area (i.e. legal issues, etc.) we will immediately inform you and refer you, if you desire, to other competent professionals in the appropriate area. We plan to give you our opinion about what you should do even when you may not want to hear it, and will recommend that you do nothing when we believe doing nothing is in your best interest.
  • We will make ourselves available for regular ongoing meetings to help you keep your plan on track and will be readily accessible for any phone consultations that you require. We would much rather have you call us to tell us what you are thinking about doing rather than having you call to tell us what you have already done.
  • We will when necessary, remind you that poor economic news is inevitable, and at times, will cause your portfolio to lose value. We commit to coach you through such times, emphasizing our shared belief system and using education to keep you on the right track. We will remind you that you must be willing to experience temporary declines in value in a portfolio designed to outpace inflation.
  • Triad Wealth Management offers financial investment coaching designed to utilize Free Market Investment strategies. We have experience and resources in a wide variety of tax, retirement and estate planning, investment portfolio management, long-term health care solutions, and life insurance strategies. We are no longer fans of annuities for retirement income planning, due to the poor possible incomes that are produced.

What We Offer

What is an Financial Coach?

A personal financial coach not only helps prevent losses or helps recover after a devastating loss of portfolio standing — a financial coach can be the guide that our clients need to gain confidence in their financial decisions. With a spirit of intentional listening we keep the whole person in mind while we coach clients to their goal future.

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Creating Confident Investors

Free Markets Work! Free markets are the greatest wealth creation tool on the planet. There is no more efficient way for investors to create wealth than investing in capital markets throughout the world.

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The funny thing about the future is that it seems it will never catch up. But it does, and all too quickly. Bonnie Bell-Andersen understands how hard it can be to piece together the big retirement puzzle, especially in today’s uncertain economy. It’s her mission to work with you to create a powerful, disciplined and diversified approach to investing.

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