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Financial dreams are achievable; we’ll help you get there.

Education leads to confidence and freedom to make the best choices. At Triad Wealth Management, our biggest commitment is to the educating of our clients so they can make the best decision for their financial well being.

Curriculum for Conscious Investing

Workshops - all of our clients are welcome and encouraged to attend educational events in addition to one-on-one wealth coaching on a regular basis. All of these workshops are offered free of charge to existing asset management clients. To find out about dates for upcoming workshops, call us at 509-822-1082, or go to the Workshops and Events section of our website.

Workshops include:

  • American Dream Experience
  • Mind over Money
  • Separating Myths from the Truth - the story of investing
  • Discovering Your True Purpose for Money

And many more…….

Social Security Workshops - held for new investors at local libraries. This class is most appropriate for those contemplating retirement and wondering when is the best time to take Social Security as well as how to coordinate this government benefit with their own retirement assets.

Our unique approach to investing is firmly grounded in Nobel-Prize winning financial and economic principles. We believe that every investor should understand and feel confident about their investment approach and that what they are doing is in THEIR best interest and not the advisor’s. This is achieved through coaching and education. As we teach and educate our clients, they become empowered in their confidence that their long term investment objectives will be realized.

Our Workshop Meeting Spaces